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Grand Prize
Koi, by Odebo Babiuk
Odebo Babiuk
Saam, by Odebo Babiuk
Odebo Babiuk

First and Second Prizes

Bird, by Chandrashekhar Batham
Chandrashekhar Batham
Sun and Plants, by Chandrashekhar Batham
Sun and Plants
Chandrashekhar Batham
Garden, by Naresh Batham
Naresh Batham

Groovy Man, by Roger Williamson
Groovy Man
Roger Williamson
Apples, Oranges, Grapes, by Heather Mosher
Apples, Oranges, Grapes
Heather Mosher
Cats ’n Dogs, by Charles Morpheus
Cats ’n Dogs
Charles Morpheus (web site)

Runner-up Prizes

Three-eyed, by Margaret Flint
Margaret Flint
Dogs, by Nicole Davidson
Nicole Davidson
Flowers 01, by Charles Morpheus
Flowers 01
Charles Morpheus (web site)

Redhead, by Denise Smith
Denise Smith
Happy Birdy, by Liz Threlkeld
Happy Birdy
Liz Threlkeld
Kittens, by Nicole Davidson
Nicole Davidson

Faces, by Aquil Virani
Aquil Virani
Someone in the Trees, by Mitchell McDermott
Someone in the Trees
Mitchell McDermott
Stained Glass, by Gretchen Walljasper
Stained Glass
Gretchen Walljasper

Moosey, by Jeanne Stuart
Jeanne Stuart
Squareness, by James Countryman
James Countryman
Peacock Feather, by Heather Mosher
Peacock Feather
Heather Mosher

Strawberry Daze, by Sarah Lancrete
Strawberry Daze
Sarah Lancrete
De Doop Face, by Sarah Plunkett
De Doop Face
Sarah Plunkett
Crystal Blue, by Gretchen Walljasper
Crystal Blue
Gretchen Walljasper

Sunfire Duck, by Bryan A. Beverly
Sunfire Duck
Bryan A. Beverly
Aphids Invade, by Andrew Perry
Aphids Invade
Andrew Perry
Mandala Shmandala, by Andrew Perry
Mandala Shmandala
Andrew Perry

Outstanding Entries: Wallpaper Groups, Patterns

Pretty Pattern, by Amanda Snyder
Pretty Pattern
Amanda Snyder
Easter Egg Children Play, by Arrael Hanson
Easter Egg Children Play
Arrael Hanson
Emotions, by Ashley Prentice
Ashley Prentice

Starry Night, by Caroline Lauth
Starry Night
Caroline Lauth
Chris’s Design, by Chris Lauth
Chris’s Design
Chris Lauth
Supernova Gangsta, by Chris Lauth
Supernova Gangsta
Chris Lauth

W, by John Lawless
John Lawless
Amazon Greenhouse, by Jonathan Lancrete
Amazon Greenhouse
Jonathan Lancrete
Psychophrenia, by Jonathan Lancrete
Jonathan Lancrete

Lava, by Jonathan Lancrete
Jonathan Lancrete
Bright Alaskan Design, by Marina Balleria
Bright Alaskan Design
Marina Balleria
A Niner, by Joseph Flynn
A Niner
Joseph Flynn

Grandma’s Wallpaper, by Christine Sack
Grandma’s Wallpaper
Christine Sack
Super Cape, by Grant Johnson
Super Cape
Grant Johnson
Squiggle, by Nakita Shedd
Nakita Shedd

Kaleidescope, by Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Pretty Pic 2, by Dare Sims
Pretty Pic 2
Dare Sims
60s Design, by Jeanne Stuart
60s Design
Jeanne Stuart

Stain Glass Window, by Sarah Plunkett
Stain Glass Window
Sarah Plunkett
Starz, by Gretchen Walljasper
Gretchen Walljasper
Gabbagabba, by Justin Prentice
Justin Prentice

Kaleidoscope, by Lisa Rawlins
Lisa Rawlins
Fourth of July, by Madeline Michels-Boyce
Fourth of July
Madeline Michels-Boyce
Pretty in Pink, by Megan Benzschawel
Pretty in Pink
Megan Benzschawel

Megan’s Tessellations, by Megan Benzschawel
Megan’s Tessellations
Megan Benzschawel
Odd Stucture, by Cory Hynes-Ciernia
Odd Stucture
Cory Hynes-Ciernia
Snowflakes, by Victoria Powell
Victoria Powell

Design 5, by Kira Seidel
Design 5
Kira Seidel
Miss, by Melissa Fitz
Melissa Fitz
SuperNova, by Joseph Flynn
Joseph Flynn

Intertwined, by James Countryman
James Countryman
Crazy Thing, by James Countryman
Crazy Thing
James Countryman
It’s Black Blue And Green, by Sam Quincy
It’s Black Blue And Green
Sam Quincy

Print No. 8, by Odebo Babiuk
Print No. 8
Odebo Babiuk
Pretty Pic 1, by Dare Sims
Pretty Pic 1
Dare Sims
Pretty Colours 1, by Carol Cooper
Pretty Colours 1
Carol Cooper

New Star, by Ann Marie Thamm
New Star
Ann Marie Thamm

Outstanding Entries: Rosette Groups

Explosion, by Madeline Michels-Boyce
Madeline Michels-Boyce
Imperial Sun, by Gao Sheng Lee
Imperial Sun
Gao Sheng Lee
Space Age Rose, by Leah Berman
Space Age Rose
Leah Berman

The Round Table, by Margaret Rollings
The Round Table
Margaret Rollings
Spiral To Nowhere, by Mitchell McDermott
Spiral To Nowhere
Mitchell McDermott
Hummingbird, by Gao Sheng Lee
Gao Sheng Lee

Space Flower, by Sean Millam
Space Flower
Sean Millam
Looking Down, by Margaret Flint
Looking Down
Margaret Flint
The Real Death Star, by Lukas Edblom
The Real Death Star
Lukas Edblom

Triple Triangle, by Benjamin Gebhardt
Triple Triangle
Benjamin Gebhardt
Burning Sun, by Cory Hynes-Ciernia
Burning Sun
Cory Hynes-Ciernia
Rainbow, by Brianna Hennessy
Brianna Hennessy

Leprechaun Bling, by Mitchell McDermott
Leprechaun Bling
Mitchell McDermott
Triangles Go Boom, by Sarah Bartell
Triangles Go Boom
Sarah Bartell
Alas, Poor Yorik, by Christian Brown-Thomas
Alas, Poor Yorik
Christian Brown-Thomas

Throwing Star Unveiled, by Margaret Flint
Throwing Star Unveiled
Margaret Flint
Color-go-round, by Margaret Rollings
Margaret Rollings
Coolio, by Lauren Murck
Lauren Murck

Kool, by Ashley Prentice
Ashley Prentice
2, by Jack Behm
Jack Behm
Not-so-super-a-nova, by Joseph Flynn
Joseph Flynn

Throwing Star, by Cory Hynes-Ciernia
Throwing Star
Cory Hynes-Ciernia
Fun Shapes, by Peter Minehart
Fun Shapes
Peter Minehart
Banana Slushie, by Nakita Shedd
Banana Slushie
Nakita Shedd

Spotty, by Lauren Murck
Lauren Murck
Happy Spring Flower, by J Carvalho e Silva
Happy Spring Flower
J Carvalho e Silva
The Circle Of Life, by Rosalind Black
The Circle Of Life
Rosalind Black

Precious 2, by Allison Fast
Precious 2
Allison Fast
Twisted Space, by Benjamin Gebhardt
Twisted Space
Benjamin Gebhardt
Twister, by Andrew Eccles
Andrew Eccles

Flippant, by Alexander Barbeau
Alexander Barbeau

Outstanding Entries: Wallpaper Groups, Figures

Burger, by Christine Sack
Christine Sack
Depressed Pig, by Leanne Keacher
Depressed Pig
Leanne Keacher

King, by Chandrashekhar Batham
Chandrashekhar Batham
Pi, by Phil Stringer
Phil Stringer

Outstanding Entries: Frieze Groups

Pie Man, by Shannon Plunkett
Pie Man
Shannon Plunkett
More Fire, by Justin Prentice
More Fire
Justin Prentice
Sword Line, by Christian Brown-Thomas
Sword Line
Christian Brown-Thomas

Triangles, by Lauren Mount
Lauren Mount
Art in Black and White, by Andrew Giese
Art in Black and White
Andrew Giese

Outstanding Entries: Mixed

Awesome Dude, by Andrew Giese
Awesome Dude
Andrew Giese
O’Shanps Shanikwa, by Marina Balleria
O’Shanps Shanikwa
Marina Balleria
Bakemono, by Sarah Lancrete
Sarah Lancrete

Gregizzle Facetizzle, by Ellis Poling
Gregizzle Facetizzle
Ellis Poling
Dancers, by Brianna Hennessy
Brianna Hennessy

Samurai, by Andrew Giese
Andrew Giese